Install Reversing Camera in Toyota Aurion
With Factory Navigation Unit Installed


Purchase Reversing Camera and Extension cable from : under Products then click Accessories

Reversing Camera cost $170.00

Extension Cable cost $15.00


Soldering iron and solder
Electrical Tape
1/4 inch Socket set with 10mm socket.
20-22mm Holesaw
Battery Drill or Electric Drill
Old towel

Mounting the Reversing Camera in rear housing

1./Remove rear boot liner to gain access to rear of number plate area.

2./ Remove rear mounting plate from boot, remove with 10mm socket.

3./Drill hole at a 45 degree angle

4./ Bend back bracket to look like this, apply some silicone sealant to prevent water penetration

check to see if you have align straight

5./ Installed back into location and tightened the 10mm nuts.

6./ Connect extension cable

7./ Run cable down right side boot bracket.
Tape cable to existing boot cable, where there is not clips.

9./ Past the cable through to the right hand side rear seat area.

10./ Remove right hand side rear door trim to roof section, through till the front of car, pull out the side trim down the A pillar, (watch out for Air Bag Curtain, so route cable out of the way when installing cable in the area.)
10./ Remove front right hand side tweeter cover, apply screwdriver under rear edge, (tape up screwdriver end to prevent damage to cover).
Past cable beside tweeter speaker, reach under dash and feed cable thought and replace cover.
11./ Remove centre console lift from rear to remove.

12. Remove air vent clock, pull hard to remove.
13./ Remove Navigation Unit 4 x 10mm bolts
14./ Layout out old towel on console to prevent scratching face of Navigation unit.

15./ Locate & remove plus F12 from rear of navigation unit should look like this.

16./ How to connect cable to navigation unit

We need to solder and tape onto the existing cable Black, Gray,Red,White.
Strip back extension cable ready for soldering

I found out where the cable are location at the front centre console to the microphone, apparently the microphone and reverse camera work on the same cables.
So you can ever solder at the rear of Navigation unit or at this roof location.
To remove the front roof console pull at the rear straight down hard.
The below picture is at the plug F12 soldering on the extension cable to existing cables.

 sorry a bit out of focus.

17./ Re-install  the navigation unit, centre console and any panels you have removed.
Next turn on the ignition On and (Not onto accessories) and select reverse, and the navigation unit should display the reversing camera, if it does not work you have done something wrong.